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Exceeding Expectations: The Power of a WOW Delivery System in Business

September 15, 2023 Tonya D. Episode 9
Operations Toolbox
Exceeding Expectations: The Power of a WOW Delivery System in Business
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Ever wondered how exceeding customer expectations during product or service delivery can turn your business into a client magnet? In this episode of Operations Toolbox, I, your host Tonya D. Harrison, break down the concept of a wow delivery system, one of the seven foundational systems crucial for a successful business. 

Sharing my own early missteps in not researching enough about my clients, we'll uncover how understanding your customers' needs, their preferred modes of engagement, and their perception of quality, contribute to a high-quality and consistent client experience.

 From customer research to the power of simplicity and consistency, this episode is all about transforming the delivery of your services into a magnetic experience for your clients. So, if you're eager to develop a powerful wild delivery system that continually exceeds client expectations, this episode is an absolute must-listen!

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Tonya D. Harrison:

Hello and welcome to another episode of Operations Toolbox, the go-to podcast for solopreneurs. Today, we're discussing how to build a magnetic client relationship with your wild delivery systems. Yep, we're back to talking about systems. I'm your host and Operations Optimizer, Tonya D. Harrison, and I'm excited to share some valuable insights with you. Let's go ahead and get started. First things first. What is the wild delivery system? Right, well, it is one of the seven foundational systems that all businesses must have. In another episode I talked to you about four, but just to let you know what those seven are, the seven systems are strategic management that's number one attraction and acquisition, WOW delivery system, retention, and referral system, optimization and administration system, money management and people system. Those are the seven systems. The wild system is all about exceeding customer expectations during the delivery of products or services. Providing exceptional, top notch customer service and a memorable experience builds customer loyalty and leads to positive word of mouth referrals. This is where building that magnetic client relationship comes in by consistently consistently while in your customers businesses can reduce the need for constant marketing efforts to attract new clients. Why is that? Because they're going to help you do it. You're either going to continue to come back if you have additional products or services that they need or want, and they're also going to pair with other people. Let's talk about systems. If you've been listening to me, you know that when I think of a system, I'm talking about something comprehensive, and it is a collaboration of strategy, tools and processes coming together in order to build a comprehensive system from beginning to end. Each of the systems, again, is going to have an objective. Your objective is going to answer the question what would you like to achieve by implementing this system? If I'm implementing a WOW delivery system, what is it that I'm trying to achieve? You want to be extremely clear about what you're trying to achieve, what the outcome is. Each system should have a strategy. Your strategy is going to answer what is the plan of action as to how the objective will be achieved. How am I going to achieve what it is that I want to accomplish? Your system should also have processes. These are the steps that will be taken to achieve a specific outcome, and then technology and tools. That's going to answer the question how can I boost productivity and efficiency? All of these components should be a part of every system that you implement. When we're talking specifically about the WOW delivery system. There are a couple of things that you want to consider Definitely have to do your customer research. Your system, especially this system, cannot be all about. This was one of the big mistakes I made early on in my business. I really like technology. I am one of those people that was hopping to different platforms and trying out different software. All of that because I really enjoy technology. I geek out on it. In the beginning I had a whole lot of technology going on and for me it was really great. I was like, oh my gosh, this is really great. But for my clients not so much, because I didn't take time to truly research my client. Some of them ended up getting overwhelmed with some of the technology that I had in place and they became frustrated On this journey. I ended up frustrating a lot of people simply because I enjoy technology. I made the assumption that everybody would, and that was not the case. One thing I have learned over and over again and it is crystal clear, especially what we're talking about the delivery system straightforward and simple. That's what you need. Straightforward and simple. When you're doing your research, you want to think about who are your customers, what are their needs, what do they prefer. If you work with clients that may not be tech savvy or just become easily overwhelmed with technology, then you don't want to have a lot of upfront technology that they have to navigate. If you work with really busy people like I work with CEOs they don't have time for a lot of stuff. I want it to be simple and straightforward, where they can get what they need and give me what I need. But you have to do your research. So think about what their needs are. Think about how they prefer to engage. I'm talking about if you are providing a service and you need to communicate with them. Do they prefer email? Do they like techs? Do they like technology? So what is it? How do they like to engage? You also want to consider how you can assure you're providing a quality service or product. What does quality mean? Knowing this is going to help. What can you do to wow and make the experience memorable? At minimum, you got to give them what they pay for. Now what is the cherry on top? What's something that I can do that is going to add value and just go above and beyond. When you're doing this research, you're going to ask questions of clients that you already have. In some instances, you can think about what you like and what you don't like. If you would be a potential client for yourself, I find that asking questions along the way is the best way. Your wild system is something that you can continue to develop over time, but do as much research as possible up front. If you haven't implemented this system, when it comes to your processes, you need to think about. What processes do you need to put in place to assure you are consistently delivering the best customer experience? What we want is something that is repeatable. You want to, on a consistent basis, be delivering the highest level possible. You're going to think about how often you need to communicate. So earlier we talked about how to communicate and how to engage with your customer, but how often do you communicate? If you sell a product? How often do you need to send emails? Right, even if you're delivering a service, how often do you need to communicate? What needs to happen on the back end to make sure you're meeting or exceeding the obligations? Those are going to be processes as well. So there's some back end things that's going to happen that they're not going to see, but you need in place in order to make sure you're delivering at the highest level. You have to make sure you are documenting your processes for consistency and for quality. I don't want to have to rely on trying to remember how I did something to get a specific If I document it now. No, I can do it over and over again and as I continue to grow and build my team, I can share it with them, and then we're all on the same page and we're all delivering things the way you want it to be delivered, also including your processes as a way of trying to. When we get to the optimization and administration system. That's where we're going to be talking about how do we move these out. Another part of the system I talked about is the technology, the tools and technology. What technology and tools can you implement to help be able to deliver the best you can, to help be more effective and efficient at delivering the service? Examples could be client portal. I really like portals. They empower clients to be able to log in and, if they need to get an invoice, to see a copy of contract, whatever that may be, but it's a centralized location. It doesn't clog inboxes and things like that, but it's a centralized location where anybody on your team that you give access to can access it, but also your client can go in and upload information to share information. I really like client. Another example could be a screen sharing tool that you need right Because you're documenting processes or you're sharing something with them and it's easier to share with them a screen recording, maybe video recording messages. I send that to some of my clients where you know it could be a part of your welcome sequence or a follow-up sequence and it's a video of me talking so they can see my face. They can see me. It's a little bit more person. Text messaging is this something that you need? If you have clients that really like communicating via text message, you could get a text messaging app that allows you to send the messages and they can see you messages. If you deliver products, you could do. You can have shipping platforms integrate with your website and that helps to expedite the shipping process. Think through all of the technology that you could use again to help you become more effective and efficient. These are things that you can implement as a part of your wild delivery system to again create that magnet, make it more where your clients. They are just willing to come back over and over again and willing to share, and they are extremely happy with what it is that you've delivered, because you've gone above and beyond and they can tell that you've gone behind. This is one of the easiest ways to separate yourself in a market today, because it's unfortunate, but a lot of people are not really big on quality and client experience, so this is definitely where you build a connection and separate yourself. So this is the wild delivery system and, again, this is something that everybody should have. Regardless of if you are selling a product or a service, you definitely want to make sure you have it. So there you have it, fellow entrepreneurs. Efficient business operations key. Unlocking your systems is key. If you want to learn more about the seven core foundational systems that I talk about, you can download the resource that is included in the link. Thank you for joining me for another episode of the operations toolbox podcast. If you enjoyed this content, be sure to subscribe, leave a review and share it with other aspiring solar renewers and my business owners, and stay tuned for more exciting episodes. Thanks again and I'll talk to you soon.